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Realtime Captioning Samples

Independent Contractor Application

Download this form to sign up as a new contractor for Teleperformance Rapidtext.

We are currently unable to accept captioners from California. We are working on a solution to this. Please check back again soon.

Please submit the completed form to:;


There are two pay cycles per month.

  • Events from the 26th of the prior month until the 10th of the current month are covered in the first invoice.
  • Events from the 11th of the current month until the 25th of the current month are covered in the second invoice.

On the first business day after the 10th and the 25th you will receive an invoice reminder which has a list of all the jobs you worked for us during that period as well as their durations. You check to see your records match ours and let us know if they do not and we will work out the differences if there are any.

When your numbers match our numbers, you submit to us an invoice.

Your invoice should include:

  • The word, "Invoice" at the top
  • Your name
  • The Date
  • Address, "to" Teleperformance Rapidtext
  • A list of the items you worked and the cost and duration each (you can copy and paste the reminder list we sent you for this)
  • A total
  • A remit address

We will need your invoice returned by the 16th for the 1st cycle and the 1st for the second cycle.

Two payments are made per month to you.
Cycle one pays on the 22nd.
Cycle two pays on the 7th of the next month.

Download a sample invoice for reference.

Submit completed invoices to

Incident Reports

An Incident report is submitted whenever a job doesn't go as planned beforehand.

When events are scheduled the are to take place according to the schedule indicated. If they please download this form and submit it

When should you submit an Incident Report:

  • The client is late to their event
  • The client does not show to their event
  • You are late to an event for whatever reason
  • You are unable to attend an assigned event for whatever reason
  • A portion of an event is missed due to technical reasons

When you don't need an incident report:

  • The event goes normally without issues
  • The event runs longer than expected(adjust times in schedule site)
  • Non-material changes to a meeting such as speaker changes or topic updates

Download sample Incident report for reference.